Training Services

Penn State Brandywine Sports Medicine


Athletic Commons Room 134
25 Yearsley Mill Road
Media, Pa. 19063

Head Athletic Trainer: Rose O'Brien
610-574-3377 (C)


The office of athletic training delivers athletic training and sports medicine services to the student-athletes of Penn State Brandywine.

These services include:

  • Injury Prevention and Risk Management
  • Recognition
  • Evaluation and Assessment of Injuries and Illnesses
  • Immediate Care of Injuries and Illnesses
  • Treatment
  • Rehabilitation and Reconditioning
  • Health Care Organization and Administration


Medical Coverage:
A certified athletic trainer will be present for all practices and games. The athletic trainer will be on campus one and a half hours before the start each game. In the event that there are two athletic events on campus, the athletic trainer will be available by phone or two-way radio.

Game Day Services:

On game days, away teams will be provided with water, cups, and injury ice on the sideline. During the games, we will have the following equipment available:

        AED               Splints
        Crutches       Spine Board

Teams that are not traveling with an athletic trainer are asked to contact Rose O'Brien in advance about athletes’ needs and send a fully stocked medkit. If advance notice is unable to be given, please send a list of athletes’ needs with your team on the day of competition. Tape, heat and ice are offered to visiting teams on game days. 


Team Doctor
Dr. Eric J. Lake, D.O.

Dr. Lake came to Premier Orthopaedic in 2006 with the Orthopaedic Associates Division and recently joined the Sport & Spine Division in 2012. Dr. Lake has a specialty in primary care sports medicine.

Premier Orthopedic Urgent Care

Premier's Orthopaedic Urgent Care's mission is to provide prompt, quality musculoskeletal care to patients without the inconvenience of waiting long hours in the emergency room. No appointments are necessary and we accept all major medical insurances.


- Avoid ER co pays
- X-ray on premises
- Walk-in, no appointment needed